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SDO Jhargram

Binpur-II Block and Panchayat Samiti

Binpur-II Development Block which is popularly known as Belpahari has hogged the limelight in the recent years for all the wrong reasons. The Block area flanked by two districts of West Bengal – Bankura, Purulia and one district of Jharkhand i.e. East Singhbhum fascinates the visitors by its hitherto unexplored treasures of natural beauty on the one hand and vast expense of rugged terrain on the other. Though paradoxical it may sound, it is true that Belpahari offers the onlookers a rare opportunity to unravel the hidden potential of development as well as an insight into the little known facets of primitive tribal cultures which are at times inexplicably simple, rustic and strangely unique. Binpur-II Dev. Block consisting of ten Gram Panchayats covers a total area equaling 576 sq. km. Its demography mainly comprises scheduled tribe populace having a percentage of 43.70(%). Special emphasis is being laid on the improvement of life standard of the primitive tribes such as Lodha, Sabbar etc. Uplift of the poor people through various Govt. Schemes has been one of the key thrust areas. Amlasole has turned over a new leaf and it now boasts of School, drinking water facility, Pucca road, irrigation schemes, Mid-Day-Meal, N.R.E.G.A. schemes and various other projects. Once dreaded for L.W.E. problems Belpahari has now taken a great leap forward on the path of development and progress in terms of education and literacy as it has a total of 190 Primary Schools, 22 Higher Schools, One College, 110 SSKs, 9 MSKs and 399 A.W.C. apart from one residential school for tribal girls upto Class XII. N.R.E.G.S. has turned out to be a harbinger of much needed changes as it caters not only to means of livelihood but also to creation of permanent assets. Although Binpur-II continues to grapple with the problem of drinking water crisis, many drinking water projects have been undertaken under I.A.P. and Rural water supply schemes providing respite to people of the area B.P.H.C. has been upgraded to Rural Hospital which now provides relief and succor to many more patients than ever before.